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Our Vision

Our Vision

At Broccoli, we firmly believe that investing in a sustainable future is the only logical choice. This is why we are focused on providing growth capital to entrepreneurs who are unafraid to think outside the box. We are passionate about supporting pioneers who are working to create fairer food chains, develop more sustainable production processes, combat food waste, and provide consumers around the globe with healthier, more transparent food options.


Our Mission

Our Mission

At Broccoli, our core objective is to foster a greener and healthier world. We facilitate connections between entrepreneurs and investors through our platform. By leveraging their equity capital for growth, companies can work towards a more sustainable future.


Our Story

Our Story

Our expertise lies in sustainable consumer brands within the food, agri and drinks sector. We believe in promoting a transition towards a healthier global food system, that is driven by innovation and technology, will contribute to make our planet a better place. To achieve this, we have developed a digital platform that enables entrepreneurs to raise growth capital in exchange for shares. By turning customers, colleagues, suppliers, and partners into co-owners, companies can build a strong foundation for success. With Broccoli, we are making companies and ultimately the world greener and healthier.
Broccoli. Grow together.

Over de oprichters Derrick Neleman en Wouter Hagoort

"Dream your life and live your dream."

"Dream your life and live your dream" was the guiding principle for Derrick Neleman as he pursued training in biodynamic agriculture and eventually became a winegrower in Valencia, Spain. At the time, he had already accumulated 20 years of business experience. Derrick's first company, Lovian, supplied organic and fairtrade wine to the Netherlands. After selling Lovian in 2007, he went on to found By the Grape, which gained international recognition when the Washington Post featured his first-ever wine magazine for iPad, featuring Jancis Robinson. In 2014, Derrick embarked on a new adventure, establishing Bodegas Neleman to produce wine. He became the first individual in the Netherlands to raise €5 million in a single year through sharefunding. In 2020, Derrick was recognized as the Most Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year.

Derrick Neleman

“Multiplying starts with sharing.”

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