Complaints Procedure

version 28 march 2022

What does Broccoli do in the event of a complaint?

If you have a complaint about Broccoli’s products or services, we want to resolve it. E-mail your complaint to [email protected] You will then receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 3 working days and we will let you know when we will respond.

Simple complaints are dealt with immediately. Other complaints are usually handled within a month. We will respond by phone or e-mail. If we get the same complaint more often we will, of course, look for a structural solution.

If your complaint relates to one of our employees or partners, we will discuss your complaint with that person or organisation. If you would rather we didn’t, please let us know immediately.

If your complaint relates to a situation that took place more than one year before the submission, we no longer have to deal with your complaint in principle: you will receive a letter about this.

We record complaints in our complaints register and keep them for at least one year after they have been dealt with. Our management team goes through all complaints periodically.

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