Pricing & placement procedure



Having a user and investing via the Broccoli platform is free of charge for the investor (User). When the investor advertises certificates of shares at a later stage and finds a buyer, 2,5% of the selling price will be charged by Broccoli to the seller afterwards.


The project owner, the company that offers a project and starts sharefunding (Venture), has the following costs for using the Broccoli platform:

  • The Venture pays 6% per transaction. Transaction fees are exempt from VAT.
  • The venture pays €3.000 per year for the use of the Platform.
  • The venture pays €6 per investor, per year, based on the number of investors in the Venture’s Register of Co-Owners

Placement procedure

Before a sharefunding project can be placed on the Broccoli platfrom, the project owner as well as the project proposed by the project owner must be approved and prepared for placement on the platform. For more information on how this approval and preparation is done, please email [email protected]. We will be happy to discuss the intended next steps with you and your team.

A potential project will only be accepted for placement on the Broccoli platform if it meets the following requirements. The requirements are re-evaluated periodically and, if required, adjusted to new developments within the Broccoli working method without delay:

  • Before a project is accepted, it is necessary to map out what the investment funds are intended for, where it is of great importance that the project owner acts in accordance with the way the project is invested in. In any case, Broccoli must establish that the project has a sustainable character. Suitable projects include but are not limited to:
    • Improving the financial position of the company provided that the company operates in a sustainable domain;
    • Improving the well-being of stakeholders of the company provided that the company is active in a sustainable field;
    • Reducing the use of natural resources or reducing the negative impact on nature;
    • Making the production process more sustainable;
    • Investing in working capital to increase impact, provided that the company is active in a sustainable field;
    • Investing in attracting new talent, provided that the company is active in a sustainable field;
    • Investing in internationalization, provided that the company is active in a sustainable field;
  • The project and its value proposition proposed by the project owner must be understandable, clear and not misleading and must be suitable for both inexperienced and experienced investors;
  • All documentation regarding the project must be submitted to Broccoli and the project owner agrees this documentation for accepted investors. This documentation consists of at least;
    • An organization chart;
    • Extract from the Chamber of Commerce of the project owner;
    • Instrument of incorporation and, if applicable, other corresponding notarial deeds;
    • Independent business valuation of the project owner;
    • Investment memorandum or pitch deck or plan;
    • The Key Investment Sheet (formerly the AFM Information Document)

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