Crowdfunding with shares: money in exchange for a piece of the business

Sharefunding is the digitisation of shares. This digitisation makes trading in shares easy. A company offers them and investors, fans, employees or suppliers invest. Money in exchange for a piece of the business. You can call it a mini flotation, but for companies that make the world a better place.
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Money for healthy growth

At Broccoli, we think it’s only logical to invest in a world that is good for our health, our soil and our ecosystems. That is why we are mobilising growth capital for entrepreneurs who have the courage to do things differently. For pioneers who are building fairer food chains, making production processes more sustainable, fighting food waste and helping the world progress with healthy and honest food. Are you that kind of entrepreneur and do you want to expand or start your business? Then Broccoli is your platform for a sparkling sharefunding campaign. With sharefunding, you both raise financing through the sale of shares and increase the involvement of your customers and network. You will achieve more in partnership with your customers and other fans: both for your company and for the world.

In exchange for a piece of your business

Sharefunding is the digitisation of shares. This digitisation makes trading in shares easy. A company offers them and investors, fans, employees or suppliers invest. Money in exchange for a piece of the business. You can call it a mini flotation, but for companies that make the world a better place.

Not debt but equity

Sharefunding is a good alternative to the traditional way of financing through a bank, crowdfunding, one large investor or private equity, for example. Instead of debt and loan capital, sharefunding involves equity in exchange for shares.
We know from our own experience that entrepreneurs could do with more funding alternatives and are often unaware of the possibility of sharefunding. Read about the experiences of Derrick Neleman, co-founder of Broccoli, who raised no less than 5 million euro in one year as founder of Neleman Organic Vineyards.

"Sharefunding has helped us enormously with our growth. We now sell our organic wines in no fewer than 30 countries. This would never have been possible with traditional funding methods. It gives us such freedom to work with equity instead of debt. And how cool it is that we are fulfilling our mission with 4000 co-owners so far."

Interested in sharefunding? Take the test. Do you know other entrepreneurs with green and sustainable ambitions? Share the test within your network.

Your own page on our platform

You can start a sharefunding through our Broccoli platform. You get your own page on our platform where you can manage and offer your shares digitally. Your shareholders can access their details and - for example - their annual statement through our platform.

A sharefunding community

Together with other entrepreneurs on Broccoli, we are building the ultimate sharefunding community. And we are open and honest about it: we ask your investors if we can also keep them informed about other sharefunding campaigns. In this way we are creating a larger group of investors who want to get involved in sustainable projects like yours through sharefunding.

Our external partners will provide you with personal advice on setting up your sharefunding and activating your own network. You will also receive advice on your company structure, company valuation, key messaging and other steps that are important in order to go live with a sharefunding.

Check, check, double check

Before you start a sharefunding, Mollie will do an onboarding and KYC (Know Your Customer) check for your business.

Sharefunding involves hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people investing. To make sure there are no bad apples in our community, all our investors undergo a PEP and PES check. All financial transactions go through our partner Mollie. Mollie takes care of the legally required KYC check and arranges direct transfers to your business account.


The costs of a sharefunding depend on the success of the campaign and the amount you want to raise. Take the test. Then we can work out a proposal for you following an initial discussion.

Want to use shares for (growth) capital as well? The test identifies where you currently stand. That enables both you and us to find out if your plans are currently suitable for sharefunding through Broccoli.

Frequently asked questions for entrepreneurs

First of all, it is good to know that while we give guidelines to companies regarding the valuations published on Broccoli, it is the company’s responsibility to set the price of the investment offer. Ultimately, the public decides whether they are willing to invest at the price.

There are no rules around valuing a company. Valuing a company is subjective, which means there are many ways to value a company.

For companies raising investments on Broccoli, we recommend looking at similar companies in their market to see how they are valued. Besides the sector, we also recommend they consider the stage, risk and growth of their business. We also advise companies to substantiate the business valuation with the help of an independent advisor.

Potential investors can ask questions regarding the company's value by contacting the founders directly using the contact details on the campaign page of the company

We will discuss the costs and possibilities with you at an initial meeting. Complete the test via this link and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, if the company acquires hundreds (sometimes thousands) of co-owners through a successful sharefunding round, all these people share in the company's profits. Firstly, everyone has a pro rata entitlement to a profit share if the company's board decides to distribute dividends. Secondly, each co-owner is entitled to the increase in value of his or her share. This increase in value can be cashed in when the company is sold, when the co-owner sells his or her shares back to the company, or sells them to other co-owners.

If you want to make third parties co-owners of your company, this normally has to be done through a notary. This involves high costs every time. We avoid this by issuing depositary receipts for the shares through a STAK (trust office) or cooperative. After the depositary receipts have been issued, the shares can be transferred privately and we can do hundreds or even thousands of transactions digitally through Broccoli. We administer a fully digital summary of the register of shareholders for you, which is automatically kept up-to-date. If one of your shareholders wants to make changes, your shareholder will communicate this themselves and your register of shareholders on Broccoli will be updated automatically.

Digitisation of shares can be done by issuing depositary receipts. Depending on how you want to organise your voting rights as a company, you can choose between a STAK (trust office) or a cooperative. Which is most convenient for you? Complete the test and we will get back to you.

As an entrepreneur, you decide how you want to arrange your voting rights. You can distribute them proportionally, but you can also assign them to classes, for example. That allows you to formulate the legal structure appropriately. With a cooperative you distribute the voting rights democratically. With a STAK (trust office) the current shareholders retain all the voting rights. There are many choices to be made here, but don't worry: our legal professionals will help you through them smoothly.

Broccoli works with various established parties. Together with these specialists, we look at your figures from the past, but especially at your plans for the future. We draw up a valuation report using various valuation methods. Want to find out more?
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The first step is to complete a test. If your plan is suitable, we or our partner from Sharefunders will contact you. If you have any specific questions, please send an e-mail to: [email protected] or call +31854015107.

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