1441 co-owners have expressed confidence in Smyle's mission and vision

Success story

1441 co-owners have expressed confidence in Smyle's mission and vision

Great news! Smyle has completed a highly successful sharefunding round, raising a whopping more than €1 million! This will allow Smyle to continue building on their sustainable mission to transform the toothpaste world. And that's not all - with 1441 new co-owners joining the company, Smyle now has even more power to achieve its goals!

It's great to see Smyle not only having a positive impact on the environment by having already saved over 960,000 plastic containers and making the world plastic-free, but also on society by partnering with sheltered workshops and supporting food banks. This is where real change begins and Smyle is a true trailblazer in this.

And if that wasn't enough, Smyle is now available in more than 1,800 point-of-sales, including the biggest supermarkets and drugstores. This is a clear sign of the success the company has already achieved and the huge potential for further growth and development.

The amount raised will enable Smyle to attract the best talent to expand its team, professionalise its process-IT capabilities, buy in bulk to achieve economies of scale and run powerful marketing campaigns in both shops and media. This will help the company spread their message even further and inspire even more people to make the switch to Smyle's sustainable toothpaste alternatives.

This successful funding round is a clear recognition of Smyle's vision and mission to transform the toothpaste market through sustainability and social commitment. It also proves that investors are becoming increasingly aware of the impact companies have on the world and that sustainability and social responsibility are becoming increasingly important. Congratulations Smyle, you have conquered the toothpaste world!

The figures

  1. Number of sharefunding rounds to date: 1
  2. Capital raised: €1.147.330
  3. Number of shareholders: 1.441
  4. Website: www.wesmile.nl

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