SLA raises over €1 million in growth capital at lightning speed

Success story

SLA raises over €1 million in growth capital at lightning speed

The connection between what we eat, how we feel and our health is direct and undeniable. Unfortunately, our current food system has many negative effects on both us and the planet. But fortunately, there are people like Nina and Jop, who, with their revolutionary initiative SLA, have been making a serious contribution to the transition to a healthier and more sustainable diet for a decade.

SLA is not just another salad bar, but a movement that is changing the world. Their mission is to make plant-focused eating the new norm, by making vegetables irresistibly delicious. And their success is undeniable - with their first sharefunding round, SLA raised a whopping €1.3 million.

With these investments, SLA will accelerate their transition to healthier and more sustainable living. By investing in optimising existing branches and the central kitchen, funding franchise partners and increasing their community through marketing, SLA is actively committed to achieving their mission.

And it's not just about business - SLA also contributes to 'the Healthy Generation', an initiative that aims to make the Netherlands' youth the healthiest in the world by 2040. So SLA is much more than just a salad bar, it is a movement that is changing the world.

By 2023, SLA will be impossible to imagine the Dutch cityscape without, and within two years SLA will even be found in the rest of Europe. SLA will be Europe's number one destination for delicious, nutritious meals where vegetables take centre stage.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work ethic of the SLA team, combined with their raised investments, SLA will continue to grow and contribute to a better world for all of us. Their passion for nutritious and delicious food, with vegetables at its heart, will have lasting impact on the way we think about food and the role it plays in our lives. The future is green - and SLA is leading the way!

The figures

  1. Number of sharefunding rounds to date: 1
  2. Capital raised: €1.311.350
  3. Number of shareholders: 485
  4. Website:

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