De Bolster smashes target: €4.5 million in 4 days!

Success story

De Bolster smashes target: €4.5 million in 4 days!

De Bolster smashes target: €4.5 million in 4 days!

De Bolster is a true pioneer in organic farming. For 44 years, this company has been working hard on their mission by breeding 100% organic seeds so that we can create a healthy and sustainable planet for future generations. With over 330 crops of vegetables, herbs, flowers and green manures in-house, De Bolster supplies high-quality seeds that are completely organic and GMO-free. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is truly inspiring.

But De Bolster is far from finished with their mission. The demand for organic seeds is ever increasing and to meet this growing demand, De Bolster needs to expand its capacity quickly. That is why they seized their excellent opportunity to launch a sharefunding round with both hands. They wanted to give their suppliers, customers and anyone who supports their mission the chance to become co-owners of the company and help realise their dream of 100% organic farming.

And that was an incredible success! In just four days, De Bolster raised a whopping 4.5 million euros, triple their original target of 1.5 million euros. Over a thousand people became co-owners of De Bolster and were eager to make their contribution to this special mission.

With the capital raised, De Bolster is now ready to grow further and expand their range of organic seeds. The team will be strengthened and more machinery and space will be added to meet the growing demand. This investment will allow De Bolster to further strengthen its position as a pioneer in organic farming.

De Bolster is a fantastic example of how vision, passion and determination can lead to great heights. The company continues to innovate, grow and is committed to a future-proof planet. We look forward to what else De Bolster will achieve in the future!

The figures

  1. Number of sharefunding rounds so far: 1
  2. Capital raised: €4,500,000
  3. Number of shareholders: 1,054
  4. Website:

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