Oma's Soep recipe raises €500.000

Success story

Oma's Soep recipe raises €500.000

'Helping to eliminate loneliness together!" is the mission of Grandma's Soup. In 2017, Max Kranendijk started the company to make this mission a reality. After which, in 2019, Martijn Canters joined the recipe, devised by Max. The recipe: bringing young and old together by making soups from leftover supermarket vegetables. Grandma's Soup is now available through various channels such as Albert Heijn and the Spar.

That Max and Martijn value the social impact they wish to have is clear from the plans. For instance, 50% of the profits from Oma's Soep will go to Oma's Soep B.V. and 50% to Stichting Oma's Soep.

With the huge community Oma's Soup has built in 10 different college towns, Max and Martijn's mission does appear to be taking shape. Still, Max and Martijn see more potential in Granny's Soup and want to raise its profile. By attracting new talent, there should be an Oma's Soup expansion not only nationally, but also internationally. Loneliness among the elderly is not only a national problem.

So Max and Martijn ended up at Broccoli. They were willing to sell part of their company to small and large investors who believe in their mission. Sharefunding not only gave them the opportunity to contribute to a social problem, but also by becoming co-owners of the company. Making social impact with Oma's Soup's supporters was something Max and Martijn saw fit.

In early July, Oma's Soup launched its campaign. It needed €500,000 to give a positive boost to the future of Oma's Soup and the elderly. The campaign soon enough showed that Max and Martijn could get ready for many new enthusiastic co-owners. Within a month, the full €500,000 had been raised. Grandma's Soup can speak of a successful campaign.

The figures

  1. Number of sharefunding rounds so far: 1
  2. Capital raised: €500,000
  3. Number of shareholders: 320
  4. Website:

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