De Fryske raises more than €750,000 to show that it can be done.

Success story

De Fryske raises more than €750,000 to show that it can be done.

Have you heard of De Fryske? This is not just any cheese company. They make cheese that genuinely delights nature. Through their efforts, they transform monotonous grasslands into herb-rich paradises and ensure that the godwit, an iconic bird of Friesland, proudly flies through the sky again. An initiative that touches both the heart and the taste buds.

In 2023, 215 progressive investors decided to show their support. And in the blink of an eye, De Fryske's first sharefunding round was a resounding success. With this investment, they have big plans. They want to significantly increase their cheese stock because, as every cheese lover knows, quality cheese needs time to mature. In addition, they want to respond even more flexibly to the market and introduce their cheese on multiple platforms: from online marketplaces and local shops to catering establishments and international markets.

Since 2017, Catharinus, the driving force behind De Fryske, along with his dedicated team, has wanted to innovate the cheese market. They wanted to make a difference, and they succeeded! Their cheese is not only a hit in Friesland but has also secured a permanent spot on the shelves of PLUS and Albert Heijn since 2021. And on an international level? They have already won several awards, testifying to their excellent taste and quality.

But Catharinus wanted to do more than just sell cheese. He wanted to build a community. That's why he started De Fryske Coöperatie, an initiative that gives others the chance to be part of their green mission. For them, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a genuine experience and a promise for the future.

And De Fryske was clearly not alone in this, within 48 hours the goal of €750,000 was reached. Thanks to a group of dedicated investors, an unparalleled passion for quality, and deep respect for nature, De Fryske looks to the future with optimism and confidence.

The numbers:
Sharefunding rounds: 1
Capital raised: €801,260
Number of involved shareholders: 215
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