Cheers! Spirited Union has another reason to raise a glass: nearly €1 million raised.

Success story

Cheers! Spirited Union has another reason to raise a glass: nearly €1 million raised.

Imagine: artisanal craftsmanship, a touch of innovation, and a hefty dose of creativity, all bottled into a unique rum. Sounds perfect, right? That's precisely what Spirited Union aims for. While others in the rum world often opt for artificial additives, Spirited Union goes all-in on pure nature. They source the best single origin rum from around the world and lovingly add their mix of botanicals. With this natural approach, free from synthetic flavors, they've introduced a whole new category of rum: Botanical Rum.

Since their start in 2017, they've grown rapidly. Volumes and turnover have quintupled, and their rum is now available in 22 countries. From Dutch shelves to stores in Poland, France, New Zealand, and Canada. And now? They've set their sights on the American market. Their approach is authentic: technology is only used if it enhances quality. Proudly, they can say that since 2019, in their own distillery, they've produced the world's very first 'Botanical Rum'. A gamechanger in the rum world!

It's clear that Spirited Union isn't just a rum brand; it's a movement, a revolution in the rum world. And investors have noticed. Through sharefunding, they've shown their trust and support. They believe in Spirited Union's vision and want to be part of this success story. The result? Nearly €1,000,000 on the counter.

This investment is being strategically deployed. They're focusing on strengthening sales and marketing in Europe, launching in America with local production of Ready-to-Drink cans, expanding working capital for raw materials and production, and introducing the luxury 'Reserve Collection'.

During the launch, many investors and rum enthusiasts got acquainted with this new line and the passionate team behind Spirited Union. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable. It's an exciting time for the brand, and with such a dedicated community behind them, the possibilities seem endless.

Curious about the atmosphere and reactions during the launch? Dive into the aftermovie ( and feel the passion and enthusiasm of Spirited Union and their supporters. Here's to even more milestones and glasses filled with the best Botanical Rum!

The numbers:
Sharefunding rounds: 1
Capital raised: €981,600
Number of involved shareholders: 236
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