From Gummies to Growth: Yummygums' Impressive €1.5 Million Sharefunding Round

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From Gummies to Growth: Yummygums' Impressive €1.5 Million Sharefunding Round

For many of us, it's a familiar story: you decide to live healthier, buy a bunch of vitamin pills, and... then forget to take them. That's what happened to Luuk and Michel in 2017. They were determined to turn their lives around with daily workouts and a strict vitamin routine. But they soon noticed those vitamin jars disappearing to the back of the cupboard.

That's why they came up with Yummygums: the perfect blend of fun and health. Who would've thought taking vitamins could be this enjoyable? With their tasty vitamin gummies, Yummygums makes healthy living a party. With 11 products in their range, a dynamic team, and their first steps abroad, Yummygums is on a mission to introduce all of Europe to this cheerful form of self-care.

But Yummygums wanted more. They wanted to truly involve their community in their journey. Enter sharefunding: an innovative way to give their loyal customers, suppliers, and investors the chance to become co-owners of Yummygums.

And what a success! Before their sharefunding campaign went live on Broccoli, there was already tremendous support. The goal? An already impressive €750,000. But the Yummygums community went all-in, nearly doubling that amount to an astounding €1,500,000!

With this investment, Yummygums has big plans: international expansion, growth in retail, and new product development. For Yummygums, this is just the beginning of their journey to make healthy living both easy and fun. And with such a strong mission, fantastic product, and a community backing them, the future for Yummygums is nothing short of radiant.

As Yummygums prepares for these exciting new chapters, the core of their mission remains unchanged: combining health and fun. They believe a healthy routine is only sustainable if you truly enjoy it. And with every new gummy they develop, they spread that message to even more people. So whether you've been a fan for years or are just getting to know Yummygums, one thing is certain: this adventure is only getting sweeter. Cheers to a healthy and joyful future with Yummygums!

The numbers:
Sharefunding rounds: 1
Capital raised: €1,461,550
Number of involved shareholders: 604
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