Boerschappen's Proof of Trust and Vision: €640,000 Raised.

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Boerschappen's Proof of Trust and Vision: €640,000 Raised.

Boerschappen has a clear vision: to create a food chain that benefits everyone involved. They describe it comprehensively: 'we aim to contribute to a healthy lifestyle by providing nutritious food while simultaneously promoting the transition to regenerative agriculture.' And while doing this, they also make it fun and easy to cook seasonally and share the inspiring stories of their farmers.

What Boerschappen wasn't looking for? Traditional investment routes like banks, funds, and exit strategies. They didn't want slow decision-making, endless meetings, and complicated future plans. Their solution was as innovative as it was logical: they became a cooperative. This allowed them to remain a forward-looking company that operates quickly and flexibly, without a political agenda and with a sharp focus on the market.

Sharefunding was not unfamiliar territory for Boerschappen when they decided to go live on Broccoli. This was already their third round! With this new funding round, Boerschappen is all set for the next growth spurt. They aim to be a widely supported cooperative with even more ambassadors by their side.

Currently, Stéphanie and Stijn still hold the majority of the shares. But that doesn't quite fit their vision of a widely supported cooperative. So, what are they doing? They're offering new shareholders the chance to join, with the proceeds flowing entirely back to Boerschappen. With the move to the Broccoli platform and the associated financial and legal considerations, this is the perfect time for those interested to come on board. They see opportunities in the market but are also aware of the risks.

During this third round, they welcomed both new and existing co-owners and were able to look back on an extremely successful funding round!

This round was not just any round. It was a confirmation of the trust that both new and existing investors have in Boerschappen's vision and mission. With an impressive amount of €640,000 raised, Boerschappen is stronger than ever. This financial injection will help them realize their dreams, increase their impact, and grow their community. It's clear: the future looks bright for Boerschappen and their dedicated community. Together, they make the food chain a little better every day.

Sharefunding rounds: 3
Capital raised: €638,607.48
Number of involved shareholders: 346
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