Selati's Alcohol-Free Adventure Raises €750,000!

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Selati's Alcohol-Free Adventure Raises €750,000!

Imagine the proximity of Kruger Park, so vivid and tangible it almost seems unbelievable. This is the essence of Selati, a non-alcoholic spirit that brings the beauty of the South African savanna, the magical sunrises, and breathtaking nature into each glass. Inspired by the rich aromas, colors, and flavors of Kruger Park, Selati is more than a drink; it's an experience, rooted in the ancient South African philosophical concept of Ubuntu - 'I am because we are.'

Selati is a unique, sugar-free, alcohol-free beverage without artificial sweeteners. This drink was created through a special collaboration with the park rangers of Kruger Park and the world-renowned taste expert Tess Posthumus. Unlike many other non-alcoholic drinks, Selati succeeds in positioning itself in a unique taste category.

The philosophy of Ubuntu, of connectedness, is not only Selati's slogan but also the core of their actions. Their commitment to Kruger Park is reflected in a partnership with South African National Parks (SANParks), aiming to promote sustainability in the park. Together with the Kruger Park Wildlife Foundation and the South African Pure Wild Fund, Selati contributes to the conservation and sustainable development of the park. For each bottle sold, Selati donates €0.50, a tangible proof of their commitment to nature and the community.

To intensify their mission, Selati chose an innovative approach: sharefunding. This strategy strengthened their message of connectivity and increased their impact on the place that inspired them. As a pioneer on the Broccoli platform, Selati started their sharefunding round with an ambitious goal of €750,000. As a start-up without a large customer base, this was a challenging task, but Selati's story and mission spoke for themselves. They quickly raised €500,000.

The true spirit of Selati was demonstrated during an event at Bleyenberg in The Hague. In this jungle-like rooftop bar, investors, fans, and partners were immersed in the world of Selati with delicious cocktails and a welcoming atmosphere. This event was crucial, as the campaign reached its goal of €750,000 afterward, officially achieving the funding round's target.

With this substantial investment, Selati is ready to make an even greater impact. Part of the funds will be used to expand inventory, for rollout both domestically and internationally. Selati also invests in staff, marketing, and product development, continuing their journey to international fame. Selati's adventure has just begun, and the future looks bright for their non-alcoholic creations!

Sharefunding Round: 1
Capital Raised: €749,499.80
Number of Involved Shareholders: 83
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