Sharefunding platform Broccoli arranges growth capital for sustainable entrepreneurs

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Sharefunding platform Broccoli arranges growth capital for sustainable entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and need financing, you talk to a bank. Or an investment fund. But in an economy where everything is geared towards growth, traditional investors mainly look at your company’s potential profits. Yet profit should not be the only criterion. Because unlimited growth is really always harmful to our environment. Entrepreneurs Derrick Neleman and Wouter Hagoort have therefore come up with a sustainable alternative: sharefunding, on the brand new digital platform Broccoli.

The food industry is one of the few core industries where growth is always needed. Because we all have to eat and drink. Broccoli is a platform for healthy growth of companies in the food & drinks sector. On the platform, green entrepreneurs attract (growth) capital through sharefunding.

Mini flotation for companies that make the world a better place

Sharefunding is an alternative to traditional financing. The digitisation of shares makes trading easy. The company offers shares and the investor - usually a fan, customer, employee or supplier - invests in exchange for a piece of the business. Like a mini flotation, but for companies that make the world a better place. This also offers intangible benefits for investors: you are helping a company you believe in and you are even more involved as a co-owner.

Making an impact

Wouter Hagoort, one of the founders of Broccoli: "Nothing has been as high on the agenda over the past two years as our health as human beings and our impact on the climate. Issues that will not be solved in the next century. We can only make an impact with fair products, shorter supply chains and green alternatives."

Equity instead of debt

Derrick Neleman adds: "We are here for sustainable consumer brands in the food & drinks sector. Because that is the business we understand. That is where our heart lies. Sharefunding has helped Neleman Organic Vineyards enormously. We now sell our organic wines in no fewer than 30 countries. This would never have been possible with traditional funding methods. It gives us such freedom to work with equity instead of debt. And how cool it is that we are fulfilling our mission with 4.000 co-owners so far. I want to share this experience with as many entrepreneurs as possible who feel the same way as I do. That's why Wouter and I started Broccoli."

Door policy

Broccoli has a strict door policy. We work with several experienced entrepreneurs to analyse companies and their propositions. Professionals then get to work on the right legal structure and financial research. Broccoli facilitates the relationship between the company and the investor, handles the transaction and ensures accurate administration.

At Broccoli, we think it's logical to invest in a sustainable world. That is why we are mobilising growth capital for entrepreneurs who have the courage to do things truly differently. For pioneers who are building fairer food chains, making production processes more sustainable, fighting food waste and helping the consumers around the globe move forward with healthy and honest food. Making the world a greener and healthier place is what we are all about at Broccoli. We bring entrepreneurs and investors together. Through our platform, companies can use their equity capital for healthy growth. Broccoli. Grow together. 1

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